Morehouse College to create the first ever HBCU polo team

The Ride to the Olympics foundation has partnered with historic Morehouse College to create the first ever HBCU polo team.

ATLANTA – October 18, 2019 – Founded upon the principle of providing opportunities to underrepresented youth, the Ride to the Olympics foundation has solidified itself as a historical catalyst with the creation of the first ever HBCU polo team at Morehouse College. The team is currently comprised of freshmen at the college, most of which have little to no polo experience. It is this partnership’s aim to develop once inexperienced players into internationally competitive players. The team has already begun practice with hopes to be competition ready in a year’s time.

The establishment of the Morehouse Polo Club is a historical achievement not just for all involved parties, but for the agenda of global diversity and inclusion in equestrian sports. Since the inception of equestrian sports, it has been an area of athletics inaccessible to people of color. With the induction of the Morehouse Polo Club and all subsequent HBCU polo teams, the archetype of equestrian exclusivity will soon be dismantled.

Even with the Morehouse Polo Club being the first of its kind, it is merely the beginning. Miguel Wilson and the Ride to the Olympics foundation has created the HBCU polo initiative to establish polo teams throughout all HBCUs. The initiative also comes with the aspiration of creating competitive polo players of color, but to create players ready for both the collegiate and Olympic level.

With growing support of the foundation, their mission to empower underrepresented youth through equestrian sports, establish HBCU polo teams, and to ultimately foster the first Black Olympic polo players, is gaining great momentum for continued success. But this historical and powerful initiative will be at a loss without alumni, donor, and community support. Those who wish to be a part of the initiative can visit the website, or contact Ride to the Olympics CEO Kimberly Winston at [email protected].

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